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Good food and a happy mood is what makes the spice of life!

Mishtann has endeavoured to make this happen by encouraging only the best premium quality agro products. And that has earned Mishtann a reputation so distinct.

The phrase that encapsulates the philosophy of Mishtann is ‘Limitless Happiness.’

Yes, Mishtann Basmati Rice is a sorce of health and happiness.…

While the world shrinks, the universe, we believe, is expanding. Such is the irony of the times we live in!

There's a sea of options we've got today. They are as endless as the universe!

Talking in the context of food, there's so much to fill the platter. Inter-cultural exchanges have worked a great deal in revolutionising the food sector. The idea of every individual being a global citizen, above barriers of…

A bowl of Basmati is abound with great aroma and taste, which is why when it comes to making a rice dish, gourmets mark Basmati as their top choice.

Festivals in India are all about feasts and every feast evokes fervour, passion and celebration like that of a festival. Rice enjoys a special position in Indian food tradition.

The length of each grain, aroma and taste differ depending on the type of basmati- of which there are…