Mishtann Foods limited

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The greatest challenge staring in the face of mankind has been to unravel the many secrets of nature that have remained hidden since ages. There are but a few feathers to adorn the hat at that. The primitive man hunted, evolution caused him to turn to farming. Still further, scientific fervor influenced the advancements in agricultural methods and techniques. And this lead to the breakthrough, a peek into the natural's best kept secret- the Basmati.

Likewise, Mishtann's story has been that of commitment to quality and passion for food.

A visionary, hailing from a family of farmers, made a decision that has gone on to revolutionise the world of agro products and commodities. An adept entrepreneur successfully trading in various commodities, he finally responded to his innate desire to carry forward the legacy and further the interests of farmers and consumers. He aided and encouraged farmers to employ the latest technology in the interest of consumers and the market.

The unswerving commitment of one man towards lifting the quality of agro commodities has lead to the dawning of a new culture

A culture of taste, health and happiness!

Royal Plate - Restaurant & Catering HTML Template

What's so special about Basmati?

Etymology of the name Basmati is the Sanskrit word "vasmati", "vas" meaning fragrant. Attributed with unique combination of a blissful aroma and a divine taste, Basmati rice is unique to the Indian subcontinent. Basmati is cultivated only in favourable agro-climatic conditions of northern India and reaped once every year.

Owing to its unique and extraordinary qualities, Basmati stands apart and is a class in itself. No wonder then that demand and consumption of Basmati rice has grown manifold over the years, not only in India, but more so, globally.

Why Mishtann?

Growing Basmati requires a lot of care and attention. Right from suitable weather conditions and temperature to farming methods, nurturing Basmati is not small thing!

Mishtann has relentlessly worked to support and encourage farmers to adopt the latest farming techniques. It is a matter of immense pride that Mishtann sources its grains from some of the best Basmati growing farms in the region. The produce is stringently sorted as per quality norms and only the best of the grains, those that match Mishtann's criteria, are packed and dispatched.

Every grain of Mishtann Basmati is a testimony of our commitment to quality, taste and health.


Our mission is to fuse taste, health and happiness, making Mishtann the most reliable Indian brand in agro products worldwide.


Our vision is to gratify millions of palates across the globe by encouraging to consume Mishtann products and enrich the art of gastronomy, thereby distribute happiness that knows no bounds.