Why Mishtann is the Best?

  Friday, 16th February, 2018     07:16:21 PM

Amidst the cut throat competition that has taken over the market today, Mishtann has sustained its position as being one of the leading basmati rice brands. Agro commodities is one such sector that is highly volatile, more so in case of countries like India where a large chunk of the agricultural production depends on the monsoon rains.

And the reason why Mishtann has managed to stay on the top is that it has never compromised on quality. Basmati is one such variety of rice which grows only in the fertile plains of the Himalayan region. The gangetic plains, as they are referred to because of the Holy Ganges that flows in the region, is the only suitable place for Basmati plantation given the temperature and other factors that exist there. Mishtann has flourished in all directions, both in terms of logistics and how people perceive it across the world. Usually it so happens that the rise of the brand is a result of aggressive advertising over a period of time. In case of Mishtann Basmati Rice, it is the supreme nature of quality of the rice and consistent efforts that has built a worldwide logistical network. Mishtann is one of the leading exporter of Indian basmati rice. In India, Mishtann has won hearts and has ruled the market for years.

Talking of the special features of Mishtann basmati rice, every grain is long, which after cooking becomes even longer and emanates an aroma that is simplymesmerising. Cook any dish- be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, sweet or spicy, Mishtann basmati works magic and entices your taste buds. That's why the tagline that goes along with Mishtann is 'Limitless Happiness.' 

Try a dish cooked with Mishtann basmati rice and let us know how you liked it.