Wednesday, 10th October, 2018     06:57:56 AM

Have you ever googled- Which is the Best Basmati Rice in India?

The search results show a long list of some well-known brands in the market. However, the fact remains that the best can be only one and not more than one. Then the question arises that in this market pool where promotional gimmicks and branding gestures often blow things out of proportion, how to figure out the one that is actually the best basmati rice in India?

After years of studying the special qualities that the Indian Basmati Rice come with, some top chefs have arrived at a conclusion that Mishtann Basmati is the most authentic Indian basmati rice in the country today. And when such an opinion is voiced by prominent professionals who are culinary experts, there has to be a basis to that. Let us focus on some very extraordinary characteristics of Mishtann Basmati Rice.

Uniform-sized grains

Each grain of Mishtann Basmati rice is sorted and only the best of the grains that match the set criteria, are gathered. Sourced from the fertile plains of the great Himalayas, Mishtann ensures that the best quality rice are produced and packed.

Modern Technology

The Mishtann Rice plant is one of the most advanced in itself. Machines that do not allow a single impurity to enter the grain lot are installed and are regularly cleaned and maintained by technical experts. The processing and packaging is done at the plant in an extremely hygienic conditions and keeping with the the highest of standards prescribed in the industry.

Appealing Aroma

While cooking Mishtann Basmati rice, it leaves the surrounding with an aroma that is so captivating and mesmerising. Good food smells good, they say. With Mishtann Basmati, this adage comes true.

Extraordinary Taste

A taste that will leave you spellbound and take elevate your senses to a heavenly high. Talk of taste and words fall short. Because it is something that you should experience to know better.†

Variety Range- a Wide Spectrum

Mishtann offers you a wide range of basmati rice varieties to choose from. There’s basmati for everything- basmati for Biryani, basmati for your very delicious Kheer and also a basmati well-suited for that tangy Mexican dish!

What is your taste? Choose as you like.

Attractive & Safe Packaging

Each Mishtann product comes with a packaging that stands out among the rest at the store. The bags are specially designed and are tough enough, also sealed well for you to carry them along safely.

Given these characteristics and specialities of Mishtann Basmati rice, Mishtann has emerged as the best basmati rice brand in the Indian market. Mishtann Rice is available across the length and breadth of India, with its dealers and distributors present in all Indian cities.

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