Tuesday, 30th April, 2019     05:57:52 PM

Mishtann today is a top brand, taking the quality benchmark in agro-products to a whole new level.

Basmati Rice is staple to a great number of people not only in India but across the globe. Rice is ranked among the fastest growing staple in Africa and other parts of the world in modern times. We at Mishtann make sure that only the best Rice, grains that are distinct in aroma and taste, are chosen.

Mishtann Basmati employs the best of technology and has achieved a great response in a very short span. On the table are a wide and diverse range of sorted and packaged Indian Basmati Rice. Each Mishtann pack is a blend of aroma, health and exceptional taste. There is adherence to the highest of industrial standards and strict quality guidelines are in place. Mishtann Basmati is therefore now considered as the most authentic and best quality Indian Basmati. As a result, Mishtann now has a pan-global presence, while the export graph continues to rise exponentially.

Every grain of Mishtann Basmati is a long and slender, adding to the already large aura surrounding the Basmati rice that gives it the title of ‘King of Rice.’

Varieties of The Chef’s favourite top quality Basmati Rice brand in India i.e. the Mishtann Basmati:

1. Raw Basmati Rice

a. Snowflake Basmati Rice (Aged Basmati Rice)

b. Pristino Basmati Rice (Aged Basmati Rice)

2. Sella Basmati  Rice

a. Golden Sella Basmati Rice

b. White Sella Basmati Rice

3. Steam Basmati Rice

a. Crystal Basmati Rice

b. Jasper Basmati Rice

c. Button Basmati Rice

d. Signature Basmati Rice

e. SwarnaParivar Basmati Rice

With this broad spectrum range of best quality packaged Indian Basmati Rice, it’s raining Health and Happiness!

Relish some very delicious RECIPES made from Mishtann Basmati Rice & Wear A Smile! Cheers!