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Mishtann deserves the rank of being the top quality Basmati rice supplier in India. Mishtann has climbed up the ladder and continues to scale newer heights. The credit for this exponential growth goes to the large number of consumers and the farmers who have extended their support and love and helped Mishtann grow.

Another reason why Mishtann has flourished vertically as well as horizontally is that the quality of basmati rice remains supreme. Among the leading brands in the market today selling packaged basmati rice, Mishtann tops the list. Chefs use it and recommend Mishtann Basmati for a refreshingly healthy meal. As the smiles get bigger, our commitment keeps getting stronger by the day. In an age when products are being exhibited and sold online on the internet, Mishtann too has on display a wide spectrum range of superior basmati rice on its website. Browse and select the best that suits your taste and occasion. On offer is also the much-in-trend what we call the aged basmati rice. Preserved safely in utmost hygienic conditions before being put on the shelves, the Aged Basmati Rice is considered to be a notch higher than the rest- both in terms of taste as well as its health benefits. Talking of health and taste, how can one miss out on the rejuvenating aroma of the basmati- the very quality that gives it the name Basmati! In older times, they would say that nutritious sattvic food can be judged by the aroma that it spreads around when cooked. Cook a Mishtann Basmati Rice dish and experience the temptation that the aroma evokes. Words fall short to describe, so experience it!

These and many more factors have contributed to the supreme reign of the most authentic Indian Basmati Rice. On the Mishtann website, you would find a list of delicious mouth-watering dishes made from Basmati Rice. Visit-

Mishtann being the top supplier of best quality Indian Basmati Rice, you can write in at or call +91-9824623116 to enquire regarding placing orders or availing a Mishtann Basmati packed rice bag at your nearest store.