The Perfect Blend of Taste and Health! Happiness Follows

  Friday, 16th March, 2018     04:59:51 PM

The Food sector in India has, since the latter phase of the last century, undergone phenomenal growth and witnessed unprecedented success. The Green Revolution has drastically changed the practices in agriculture farming. Techniques stemming from intense scientific research and study has propelled this transition.

But, as they say, there is something uniquely distinct about India that sets her apart. Count the blessings starting from cultural richness and diversity to scientific discoveries and innovations, as also geographical importance- strategically and otherwise, the multiplicity is mind-boggling and the list, endless.

But there's one thing that stands out amongst the other outstanding ones- that's the Basmati Rice! A special variety, it is known to be the King of all Rice.

Basmati is unique to the Himalayan region, grown extensively and exclusively in the Gangetic plains. This is the only environment, the only land that suits the produce.

Employing the best of technology and talent, Mishtann Basmati Rice offers a range of sorted and packaged Basmati Rice. Each packaging is a blend of aroma, health and exceptional taste. More than two decades of experience in agro-products has made Mishtann a name synonymous to trust and quality. Mishtann adheres to highest industrial standards and has strict quality guidelines in place. The result is that Mishtann now has a pan-India presence, while the export graph continues to rise exponentially.

Welcome to Mishtann- the World of Great Taste, Ultimate Health and Immense Happiness!