Tuesday, 20th November, 2018     03:12:29 PM

In this piece, we throw some light on the importance of a healthy breakfast- a meal that should just not be skipped before we discuss in the next piece how and why basmati rice fits well in the basket given its nutrition quotient.

Recently while a group of fitness enthusiasts were discussing on the inevitability of a breakfast for healthy living, my eyes were glued to the bottom ticker where tweets of viewers on the subject were being displayed. And I observed one thing. There was not a single tweet of the view that breakfast can be done away with. A nutritionist went to the extent of saying that even though you might have had a healthy pre-workout meal before hitting the floor early in the morning, the post-workout meal still assumes significance. This is because when you sweat it out at the gym, a lot of calories are burnt and the energy takes a dip. The body needs to be compensated for that. Both the pre-workout and the post-workout meals total up to reenergise you. And if you�re an evening gym goer, yet the breakfast is something that is not advisable to skip.

The time gap between your last meal of the day and lunch (in case you skip your morning breakfast) is huge. During the hours we are asleep, the body undergoes a process of detoxification and rejuvenation. Every organ gets the much needed rest during these dormant hours. During the day as many diet trainers prescribe 5 meals at regular intervals, this is not possible during the night. So, breakfast is, as many say, the most important meal of the day. Choose the right dishes accompanied with fresh fruit juice to kick start the day with vigour and vitality.

Up Next- Basmati rice has been acclaimed as being the food that is rich in nutrients, low on calories and high on carbohydrates which means rice helps shoot up your energy levels. And why not! Basmati rice contains good amount of carbohydrates which are considered to be the powerhouse of energy. Keep watching this space to know as to WHY BASMATI RICE MAKES FOR A HEALTHY MEAL.