Spiritual and Physical Wellbeing This Ramzan

  Thursday, 31st May, 2018     01:04:37 PM

Ramadan is the Holy month of fasting for the followers of Islam across the globe. Not only is the month known for fasts but also prayers and charity. It is an occasion to wash off one’s sins by reigning in material desires, reach out to the needy with a helping hand and strike a balance between the inner self and outwardly pursuits.

Although there’s a lot to reflect in terms of spiritual upliftment through fasting, taking good care of one’s health garners a lot of attention. This is because the human body is one of the most precious blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty and it is through this wonderful being that we continue to worship him. A healthy body harbours a healthy mind and a healthy mind helps lead to inner calm and ultimately enlightened consciousness.

What then should we do to remain fit and healthy as we spend these auspicious days fasting?

A healthy, nutritious and a balanced diet is the most important thing. Everyday as one rises for the Suhoor, a diet plan that takes care of one’s daily calorific requirements depending on the physical work and lifestyle should be chalked out. Same goes with the Iftar as well. But most of the people, although aware of this essentiality do not do that. That’s because it involves a lot of quiet analysis of one’s self and requires a lot of awakening in terms of health and fitness. What is left then is the path treaded by the great- a path that is tried, tested and deemed as being the right one.

Dating the Dates

Dry fruits, mainly dates as also nuts are considered to be healthy and nutritious. There’s also the thing that the Prophet would break his fast by consuming dates. Since then, consuming dates during Ramadan has kind of become a tradition. And that’s a great thing!

Basmati Rice

Rice dishes are a common sight for diners during the Suhoor, more so on the Iftar plates in the month of Ramzan. The reason being that rice is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Because of the presence of dietary fiber, rice is easy to digest. Experts recommend that one should lean more towards having foods that are easy to digest, especially during days when the functioning of the digestive system has slowed down due to fasting. It is important to mention here that basmati rice- a species of Rice known for its heavenly aroma and extraordinary taste and unique to the Himalayan Gangetic plains of India, is ideal in this sense. Basmati Rice is rich in carbohydrates which are known as reservoirs of energy and their speciality is that they provide a quick boost of energy to the body. Also basmati rice are virtually free of fat and contain low to negligible amounts of cholesterol. Diet mainly consisting of basmati rice is therefore considered healthy for the heart and the body.

So, during this Holy month, stay Healthy, stay Fit and explore the inner self. It’s time for some introspection and some spiritual reflection and get elevated a notch further.

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