Mishtann - The finest basmati campaigns for a healthy living The importance of exercise

  Tuesday, 25th December, 2018     01:33:01 AM

Exercises boost our energy. If you are in low spirits and are going through a depressing phase, exercising is just the right activity you should go for.

Here in this article, we will discuss on the importance of exercise and the role that health awareness campaigns play in inspiring, motivating and encouraging us to exercise and stay healthy.

Advertisements displaying men and women working out at the gymnasium send a strong message. The eyes get glued to the athletic physique of the gymnastic model in the picture. Health awareness campaigns put a lot of emphasis on lifestyle issues of day-to-day life. Many of these issues often go unnoticed, leading to long term health issues. Campaigns relating to health and fitness that find place on billboards, in newspapers and on electronic media like television and internet, spark off a change in the indifferent attitude towards health problems. There are several campaigns undertaken by the Government bodies and NGOs to spread the awareness among people. Much of this is concentrated on how to prevent heart attacks which has spread like an epidemic in modern times. High cholesterol level in blood leads to several complications like high blood pressure and heart attacks.

The World Health Organisation has estimated that 100 million Indians are suffering from heart diseases. This year around two million Indians will suffer a fatal heart attack- is what the survey says. The figure is expected to double by 2020. Such a scary situation this is! But there is nothing to worry if you have struck the right balance in your everyday life.

As discussed earlier, campaigns send a strong message in raising awareness towards maintaining ones health by exercising regularly and keeping a check on cholesterol levels. Hectic schedules as they are, lead to an imbalance in ones lifestyle.

Mishtann is a basmati rice brand that has taken the lead in raising the pitch for a healthy living. With a logistical network across the globe, supplying and promoting authentic Indian basmati rice, Mishtann is committed to keeping up the tempo for good health and good food.