Mishtann Basmati- The King of all Rice!

  Saturday, 10th February, 2018     07:26:13 PM

A bowl of Basmati is abound with great aroma and taste, which is why when it comes to making a rice dish, gourmets mark Basmati as their top choice.

Festivals in India are all about feasts and every feast evokes fervour, passion and celebration like that of a festival. Rice enjoys a special position in Indian food tradition.

The length of each grain, aroma and taste differ depending on the type of basmati- of which there are several varieties available in the market.

We, at Mishtann, make sure that only the best of the grains are sorted and packed for you. Every grain of Mishtann Basamati rice is a testimony of our commitment to quality.

Mishtann is one of the most trusted manufacturers of Basmati rice in India with product reach the world over. On offer is a wide range of Basmati rice, each coming with a distinct aroma and rich taste.

Millions of rice lovers around the world have invested their faith and trust in Mishtann. That's because, not just any Basmati, but Mishtann Basmati is the King of all rice!