Mishtann Basmati- A Name You Can Trust

  Saturday, 3rd February, 2018     04:33:07 PM

Good food and a happy mood is what makes the spice of life!

Mishtann has endeavoured to make this happen by encouraging only the best premium quality agro products. And that has earned Mishtann a reputation so distinct.

The phrase that encapsulates the philosophy of Mishtann is ‘Limitless Happiness.’

Yes, Mishtann Basmati Rice is a sorce of health and happiness. Let’s see how Mishtann has managed to rise to the pedestal.Mishtann has embraced technology at its best.

And when talent meets modern technology, you get a product that is nothing but unmatched and supreme. It is not without reason that Mishtann Basmati Rice has achieved a roaring response from consumers.Each packaging is a blend of aroma, health and exceptional taste.

Mishtann adheres to highest industrial standards and has strict quality guidelines in place. The company now has a pan-India presence, while the export graph continues to rise exponentially.More than two decades of experience in agro-products goes behind the elevation of Mishtann Basmati to becoming a name synonymous to trust.

To experience the happiness and bliss that emanates from exceptional taste of Mishtann Basmati, visit our Mishtann Basmati Rice Recipe.

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