INDIAN Basmati Rice and Chicken - The Perfect match

  Saturday, 23rd March, 2019     12:58:21 PM

In the last few days, we’ve been receiving requests to post some delicious non-vegetarian recipes on our blog. Here in this piece, we present the recipe for the very delicious chicken rice bowl made from the best quality authentic Indian Basmati rice.

Indian cooking is known for the variety of dishes that it brings to the table. Chicken has long gone with the heritage Hyderabadi dish of India- the biryani. And we’ve seen non-vegetarians go gaga over chicken! The reason being its very delicious and flavoursome taste. Words like lip-smacking and toothsome carry feelings that go perfectly with chicken dishes.

Lately there are many recipes that have combined the glory of basmati rice with  mouth-watering chicken. Both are found to gel well with each other and have become a favourite of gourmets across the globe. Among the many gifts India has given the world, every foodie would admit that Basmati Rice and Chicken dishes count on the top in the lifestyle category. Mishtann’s Chefs have experimented for quite a while and come up with dishes that are indeed mouth-watering and delicious. These dishes come with a slight diversion from the routine main course and come with a pinch of ecstasy in them.

A Chicken Rice Bowl, with the taste and aroma of Basmati rice, has the capacity to captivate your taste buds.  Ingredients like saffron add to the richness and make the dish look well garnished and presentable while the main ingredients like chicken breast makes for a wholesome meal that is both fulfilling as well as nutritious.

Lastly, you do not need just the perfect recipe to make a perfect dish. Cooking is an art and magic also lies in the hands of the cook apart from the quality of the ingredients that are used. However, we suggest use of ingredients that are fresh and of good quality. As far as Basmati Rice is concerned, use the best quality Mishtann Basmati Rice of which each grain is long, fluffy and aromatic. That’s the reason Chefs know it to be the authentic choice of food connoisseurs.

Click below for the very delicious Chicken Basmati Rice Bowl recipe and let us know how you liked it.