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The trends in the world of fitness and dieting keep changing as new research studies picture. The human body is the most sophisticated system, and a mysterious one too!

Every week, I inevitably take a look at the health articles which are usually published in the Sunday supplements of leading English dailies. And I’ve noticed one commonality among them all. Every article aims at health more than taste and makes us a little wiser by adding to our existing knowledge about the food-body relationship. If we choose the right food, at the right time, in right proportions, good times are forever!

So what type of food is right? Well, there cannot be one-thing-fits-all reply to this. It depends on your age, gender, physical activity and such other couple of factors before you can chalk down a perfect diet plan for yourself. But there’s one food that suits all! And that is a cooked basmati rice dish. How does it make for a perfect healthy meal? Let’s see.

It is found that 100gms of white basmati rice provide approximately 350 calories, about 8 gms of protein, just 0.6 gm fat, 2.2 gms fibre and a whopping 77.1 gms of carbohydrates! Carbohydrates, as we know, are the powerhouse of energy. Nutrition and energy are the most important considerations for a healthy breakfast. Apart from that, the importance of basmati rice lies in the fact that it is low in glycemic index. This means that once digested, it releases energy slowly and gradually, thereby preventing the blood sugar levels from suddenly shooting up which is mostly the case with sugary and other food items. Thus, basmati is considered to be a boon for diabetics. Over and above this, the fibres are very helpful in digestion, making basmati ideal for the ill and aged.

Basmati rice provides you with energy as much as is required in the morning. Just to reiterate, there’s a gap of more than 8-10 hours between the last meal of the previous day and the morning breakfast. Because of the health benefits- the nutritional package that basmati brings with it, along with tantalising taste and a mesmerising aroma, the demand has grown exponentially around the world. Although cultivated only in the fertile plains of the Himalayas, basmati rice is now being exported to almost every country.

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