Friday, 22nd February, 2019     02:39:18 PM

Numerous studies have been conducted on the relation between good food and good mood. The areas of mind that get charged up when we taste delicious food have been well identified and reasons are known as to what leads to such an occurrence. However, a layman going through the routine grind of life is least concerned as to how good food leads to a good mood. The common man restricts himself to the truthfulness of the fact that good mood DOES lead to a good mood. The subject is more about experience for most of us than dissecting the scientific and anatomical theories that are behind it. While worries are cast aside and stress takes a dip, the experience is undoubtedly a worthy escape often taken by many.

While the other routes to escape the daily monotone are many, food comes as one that is easily accessible and does not require advance and elaborate planning. Like if you plan for a hiking adventure or a trip to a religious site or even go shopping, there’s a lot that you’ve got to do so that the plan takes shape and materializes. Entertainment like movies and visit to a pub requires you to fill up your pockets only to return back emptying them. This is not to suggest that all other sources of fun, happiness and entertainment are worthless, lest it be misunderstood! The endeavour is to compare all of them in terms of their ease of accessibility, expense and the entertainment/ happiness one derives from them. In that context, good food sure outsmarts the rest.

However, there is another way of looking at it. Food forms a part of all the entertainment activities that are pursued to derive happiness. So then, looking at food in an exclusive way may not be appropriate. We’ve all been part of discussions about what menu would suit the occasion, be it an adventure trip or a shopping visit somewhere or be it any celebration. Food is the centre of life, more than nourishment nowadays it is about entertainment and happiness that it provides.

The conclusion is that good food tops the list of activities when judged in terms of their happiness quotient.

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