Best Quality Basmati Rice Suppliers in India

  Tuesday, 11th December, 2018     10:09:11 AM

In the nature’s way of things, the body takes in food to nourish itself and keep going. Evolution hasn’t changed that, except that food has come to acquire a central position in man’s way of life.

What was since always a natural instinct, now arouses passion and has provoked the spirit of innovation. A foodie would admit that to eat good food is what makes life worthwhile!

Mishtann Foods is built on this very idea- the idea of good food pursued with undying passion. For over more than five decades, Mishtann has seen to it that the consumers get the best of quality- be it basmati rice or other agro products.

Talking of Basmati rice, it is considered to be mother nature’s most precious gift.

Etymology of the name Basmati is the Sanskrit word ‘vasmati’, ‘vas’ meaning fragrant. Attributed with unique combination of a blissful aroma and a divine taste, the Basmati rice is unique to the Indian subcontinent. Demand for Basmati rice has grown worldwide but the supply of authentic and best quality basmati rice is limited. The reason being that the only favourable agro-climatic condition that supports its cultivation is the Himalayan plain belt. Growing Basmati requires a lot of care and attention. Right from suitable weather conditions and temperature to farming methods, nurturing Basmati is no small thing.

Mishtann has consistently worked to support and encourage farmers to adopt the latest farming techniques and has emerged as a leading best quality basmati rice supplier in India.

A well-established network of farmers in the fertile plains of the Himalayas ensures that Mishtann delivers you a high grade quality basmati rice of which every grain is long, slender and perfect. That too, at a price that is not heavy on your pocket!

Owing to its unique and extraordinary qualities, Mishtann basmati rice stands apart and is a class in itself.

Apart from basmati rice, Mishtann has also introduced other agro products on its list. It is the trust and faith of the consumers that has helped Mishtann conquer places.