Best Basmati Rice to Cook Biryani

  Tuesday, 23rd October, 2018     12:21:22 PM

Biryani Having Gained Popularity Across the World, the One Question That has Been Lingering On is Which is The Best Basmati Rice To Cook A Biryani Dish? Here We Answer.

Biryani is one dish that has satiated many a taste-buds through its extraordinary taste. The dish seems to have been on the top of the list in the kitchens of the Nawabs, especially the Nawab of Hyderabad in older times. Since then and till today, Biryani continues to be the favourite of both non-vegetarians as well as vegetarians.

Now the question is which is the best basmati rice- one that is best suited to cook biryani? The answer is common, irrespective of whether you�re cooking a hyderabadi veg biryani or a chicken biryani. Mishtann Basmati has emerged as the basmati rice that goes best with cooking a biryani dish. And there are reasons to this. Mishtann basmati rice grains are sourced directly from the farmers and are specially sorted. Each grain is long and slender. As you boil these rice grains, they become more longer and emanate a tempting aroma. This aroma is suggestive of its high quality and freshness.

Biryani is a dish that can be cooked without much effort, meaning it is less tedious, while being extremely delicious and fulfilling. The rice being the basic ingredient in biryani, it is important as to what quality and type of basmati rice has gone into its making. Not to forget, the spices too matter!

While there are a lot many basmati rice brands in the market today, it often gets confusing as everyone claims to be the best. And trying each one out is not possible. Therefore, this blog post is specifically aimed at clearing the air on the subject. What is good may be contested but when it comes to the superlative best, there can be only one! Mishtann has a range of products for you to choose from- whether you�re cooking the light and nutritious khichdi or the mouth-watering and satiating biryani. Mishtann basmati rice collection does justice to all.

Here, you can explore the Mishtann Basmati rice collection-

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