Saturday, 7th December, 2019     05:55:53 PM

Rice has been the staple diet of a large number of people in India since ages. Rice, considered being a source of nutrition and healthy living, is a dish that has long been off the charts. Rice, they say is the choice of the wise.

Among the more than forty thousand varieties of rice cultivated across the globe, the Basmati variety takes the cake given its aroma, taste and nutritional quotient. Cultivated in the foothills of the Himalayas in India and Pakistan, the name Basmati is a combination of words- ‘Bas’ which means fragrance and ‘Mati’ which means full of. Owing to its mesmerizing and enchanting aroma, Basmati is also given the title of being the Queen of Fragrance and the Prince/ King of all Rice varieties.

Cultivated every year in extremely limited quantities and given the unique and special qualities it comes with, meeting with the ever-soaring demands from around the world has always been difficult.

Further among this special variety of rice, is a super special collection that goes by the name Mishtann Basmati Rice. A brand that has not only catered to people’s taste, but has won the hearts of millions. ‘Once a consumer, always a fan’- is true when it comes to Mishtann Basmati Rice.
These are times when we’re more into experimenting with food, combining different delicacies and cuisines. Rice offers you a lot of scope to combine and come up with new fusion dishes. Mishtann, being the no. 1 brand in Basmati rice both in India and across the world, has shouldered the responsibility towards building better and a healthy world.
Mishtann has raised the bar and elevated the standards by offering the best quality Basmati rice in the market. Mishtann has conquered a large portion of the agro market but the goal is to reach every nook and corner, even the remotest of places so as to help the rural population also avail of such benefits.

While Mishtann Basmati Rice is at it, browse the varieties of Basmati that are on offer and choose your taste.