Basmati Rice- Nature’s Gift!

  Friday, 16th March, 2018     03:42:09 PM

While the world shrinks, the universe, we believe, is expanding. Such is the irony of the times we live in!

There's a sea of options we've got today. They are as endless as the universe!

Talking in the context of food, there's so much to fill the platter. Inter-cultural exchanges have worked a great deal in revolutionising the food sector. The idea of every individual being a global citizen, above barriers of caste, race and colour may not have had enough takers but our dishes sure have embraced the thought. Walk in to a restaurant and you have the menu list so long, it is one hell of a task to go through. From Italian to Chinese to Mexican- they have it all!

Adding to the conundrum, there's the battle between taste and health. Tasty food often compromises on nutrition and vice versa.

But that's not always so. Among the few exceptions there are, Basmati is one such that is a great source of health with excellent taste, gifted by mother nature.

Exceptionally healthy and extraordinary in taste, Basmati is a species of rice known for its scintillating aroma and long slender grains. Rice is today a staple food for people across the world in many countries. India is one of them. There are so many recipes around rice these days. Easy to digest and nutritious in nature, Basmati rice is suitable even for diabetics.

Including basmati rice in our everyday diet is one choice we've got to make for a healthier, happier tomorrow.