Basmati is about Health Living, Happy Living

  Tuesday, 10th April, 2018     05:14:19 PM

Take a leisurely stroll at the jogger's park in the morning and you'll know how awareness about health has spiked up among the people. From children to women to elderly, scores of people leave the bed early and are seen jogging, some do yoga and pranayam while some hit the gym and prefer strength training exercises. Jogging out in the open is always preferable than a treadmill cardio workout because you get to enjoy the scenic nature as it blooms in all beauty during the morning.

The other day I contacted a gym for an enquiry as to what are the benefits of strength training which majorly is about lifting weights. I had a good discussion with the head trainer and he tells me that the secret to a toned muscular body depends 70% on your diet and only 30% is it about exercising. Such is the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet. Now what is a nutritious diet is the question that arises. I take to Google for that. Browsing through a couple of articles, I gather some information about the subject. Interestingly, I come across some articles that speak about basmati rice as being one of the most healthy diet options to consider. They say that basmati rice, apart from being aromatic and tasty, is easy to digest and very nutritious. A balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates and fiber, basmati rice is an ideal diet for daily consumption.

Mishtann is a company that sources the best of basmati directly from the farmers in the Himalayan plains, on the banks of the river Ganges. The place, the environment- the weather and the soil there is the only kind that supports the cultivation of basmati. The sanskrit word 'vasmati' refers to the mesmerising aroma of the basmati variety. The unique combination of aroma, taste and health makes basmati one of the most sought after rice variety in the world.

So, be it any occasion, it becomes special when a basmati delicacy is served on the platter. A variety of dishes can be cooked from Mishtann basmati rice. Explore some special recipes that have been put up on the Mishtann website.

All is great if you consume basmati rice daily, but for a healthy life, exercising is also important. So, transform you life today by choosing the right diet and doing the right exercise.